Daily Crypto, Finance and Tech News Summary – July 3, 2023

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Two men working on computer code in the changing the world, with a big mechanical machine

A Warm Welcome to Our New Partner, Robert!

We are thrilled to announce that Robert Novak has joined the MyZucoins team as a new partner. Robert is a renowned figure in the field, recognized for his ~20 years of battle-hardened software engineering skills and his instrumental role in developing the Splitchain network, plus the Zucoins PWA Wallet.

Robert’s integration into our team underlines our commitment to expanding our capabilities and enhancing the services we offer. His rich experience and expertise will fuel our development efforts and drive our progress towards accomplishing our strategic milestones.

The success of MyZucoins is inextricably linked with the effective development and launch of the Zucoins and the Splitchain network. Robert is acutely aware of this symbiosis and hence his primary focus will remain with Zucoins LP, ensuring the Zucoin/Splitchain project successfully comes to fruition.

In tandem with this, Robert will also concentrate on bolstering productivity, further shifting our direction away from mere speculation. His focus will be on prioritizing milestones related to Zucoins and Splitchain and leveraging his skills to enhance the broader aspects of the Zucoins/Splitchain project and bridging gaps to related communities.

What’s more, in future Robert and Peter intend to utilize this platform to include more areas of development, such as services, tools and experiments built on top of Splitchain. This will further the practical usability of Splitchain’s protocol and encourage a community of creators around it, widening its applications. It’ll enable the awesome technology to cater to more general-purpose scenarios and move away from pure speculation.

Robert’s addition to our team is an exciting chapter in our journey and we look forward to the expertise, creativity and innovation that he brings to MyZucoins.

Rest assured our handy daily newsletters will keep coming, as we gear up for even more great stuff from MyZucoins.

Stay tuned for more updates and milestones in our quest to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrencies. Thank you for being an invaluable part of our community!

Zubot’s First Transactions Successful. Automates Cryptocurrency Transactions Efficiently

A significant development was recorded on 3 July 2023 ~1:11am. The first automated transactions between a dedicated node wallet and a Zucoin wallet, was completed by the Zubot. This progress was achieved after an intense three-month development period where ~18 months worth of software code was rewritten in a different, second computer language that the node wallet utilizes, to enable transaction communication between the phone app and the Zubot.

The reason is most of the code that runs on a phone (or the web), isn’t directly usable on most common computer servers that an individual can easily get access to.

For example, the Zucoins wallet app on your phone uses a different computer language to those that nodes (such as back-end network servers) speak.

If the team didn’t build Zubot this way, it’d take a lot of complex configuration to get this cross-system communication to work. Then, this communication would have to be done differently for each potential use case and installation. Clearly, this is hard to scale and not a good experience.

Having the Zubot on a node “talking” to a Zucoin wallet running on a smartphone, in two different languages, is an important milestone—it’s like being able to communicate in a foreign country.

As we’ve covered before, Zubot is an important part of Splitchain, the underlying Layer 1 network’s open-source decentralization process. It is designed to improve transactional efficiency, enhance user experience and expand the use of Zucoins across multiple industries and applications.

The Zubot Can Be Utilized In Many Areas, Such As:

Transaction automation: Among the notable features of Zubot is its transaction automation. It offers a flexible platform to third-party services, making it easier to create custom integrations, such as real-time buying, selling, or swapping of Zucoins.

Self-managed API: Zubot also offers a versatile API (Application Programming Interface—I.e. how you interact with this system). The feature allows third-party services to integrate and run Zubot in their own systems, expanding or modifying it to fit their specific needs. This opens possibilities for collaborations with payment services or the development of customized retail solutions.

Loyalty Programs: Another potential use case of Zubot is its ability to be applied for loyalty programs. By automating transactions, a third-party vendor could use Zubot to simplify the implementation of such programs, to help boost customer engagement and Point-of-Sale use of Zucoins.

Customisable: The ability to adapt the Zubot to each vendor’s use case is key. It gives third-party services the flexibility to adjust Zubot to their specific needs while ensuring compatibility with the SplitChain protocol.

Remote control: Zubot can carry out orders given by other services, such as crypto exchanges, advertisers, or merchants. This functionality ensures a smooth transfer and settlement of Zucoins.

Notifications: Lastly, Zubot can be easily combined with other services to handle notifications and confirmations, adding value to the user experience during transactions.

Zubot’s aim is to offer a simpler, in-a-box automation solution that is ready to integrate into a vendor’s systems. It’ll help them hit the ground running in less time by simplifying the process of running and integrating Zucoins’ higher-volume automated transactions into their own systems. The expectation is to expand the applications of Zucoins in more ways.

Also, this is just the first set of transactions with Zubot. It’s a really important milestone that we wanted to share with you. There are more capabilities and improvements coming to Zubot to make the above even easier for third-parties to self-manage, so stay tuned and please subscribe to this newsletter if you haven’t already.

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