Daily Crypto, Finance and Tech News Summary – July 05, 2023

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Navigating Crypto with Sam Volkering’s “The Crypto Handbook”

The digital landscape may seem stormy, but potential investors can find their way with the right guide. Sam Volkering, Investment Director, Editor at Southbank Investment Research and advisor for the Zucoins/Splitchain project, offers just that with his latest book “The Crypto Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Investing in Digital Assets, Web3, the Metaverse and More.”

Volkering has a reputation for being ahead of the curve, having moved early in fields such as 3D printing, quantum computing and cryptocurrency. His expertise is distilled in this new work, presenting a vital resource for anyone interested in navigating the tumultuous waters of the crypto world. Covering topics from exchanges to the metaverse, he provides invaluable advice on building a robust crypto portfolio and protecting your assets.

“The Crypto Handbook” follows his successful debut book “Crypto Revolution: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, and The Future of Money,” which helped over 40,000 investors worldwide.

Sam, via his publisher Harriman House, has graciously provided MyZucoins readers with a free ebook version of “The Crypto Handbook”. Download your copy here.

To support Sam, the hardcover edition can be purchased on Amazon here. Don’t miss the chance to deepen your understanding of the crypto markets with Sam Volkering’s expert guidance.

More Than 50% of The Fortune Top 100 Companies Are Developing Blockchain Initiatives To Stay Competitive

A recent collaborative study by The Block and Coinbase reveals an accelerating trend: Over 52% of the Fortune 100 companies have ventured into crypto, blockchain, or web3 initiatives since 2020. These endeavors are predominantly led by companies in the tech, financial services, and retail sectors.

This comprehensive research, informing a report titled “The State of Crypto: Corporate Adoption”, was based on an array of primary sources, including on-chain data, corporate announcements, earnings calls, and patent filings. It offers an insightful analysis of crypto and blockchain investments, projects, and ventures undertaken by Fortune 100 companies and large consumer brands since 2020.

Notably, corporate crypto initiatives are gaining momentum, with about 60% of the Fortune 100 initiatives reported since 2022 being in the pre-launch or already launched stages. The growth in retail web3 adoption in the first half of 2023 has offset the slight slowdown witnessed in the financial services sector. Investments predominantly lie in crypto financial services and enterprise solutions, such as B2B blockchain-related services, constituting more than 50% of all deals.

Significantly, Citi Ventures, Google Ventures, Microsoft Ventures, and Goldman Sachs have equaled the private crypto investments of all other Fortune 100 companies combined. NFTs have spearheaded retail’s recent surge in web3 initiatives, accumulating royalty revenue totaling approximately $101.3 million from more than 118,000 consumers.

The full report can be accessed from The Block here and Coinbase’s version here for a comprehensive understanding of these investment trends and product innovations.

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