Daily Crypto, Finance, and Tech News Summary – September 11, 2023

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First Zucoins Crypto Exchange Integration

Earlier today Zucoins.com (Zucoins L.P.) published the an exciting newsletter to their coinholders.

The info will be on the Zucoins.com website soon, but until then it’s worth keeping an eye on their continuously updated roadmap.

In the meantime, we’ll re-share the contents of that newsletter below, word-for-word.

The listing of Zucoins on a crypto exchange is now becoming a commercial reality as exciting news has come to hand from our software development team.

As you are well aware, our “proposed” listings were always contingent upon rolling out the Zubot and expanding our network node scalability.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that “P2PB2B” (p2pb2b.com) has been selected as our first crypto exchange to receive the Zubot (i.e. the open source code and integration development specs) necessary to process multiple P2P buy/sell transactions. At this stage, the Zubot will be delivered to the P2PB2B IT team on or before 10 October 2023.

Although the proposed P2PB2B listing date of 19 October 2023 will not be altered on the road map, please be aware that this date is dependent upon P2PB2B successfully integrating and beta tested the Zubot and Splitchain network node capabilities.

Until P2PB2B officially notifies us of the Zucoins listing date, please resist the temptation to overload my support team with emails about the official listing date. When we know, you will immediately know.

Reasons For Selecting P2PB2B

Our primary reasons for selecting P2PB2B as the first integrated Zubot crypto exchange are as follows:

  1. The availability of their dev team to assess, integrate and beta test the Zubot in an efficient and timely manner.
  2. Their strong and loyal customer database necessary to assist Zucoins with its long term global mass marketing strategy.
  3. An “off ramp” that allows customers to transfer the proceeds from their crypto asset sales directly back to their bank accounts in USD$.
  4. To reduce the anxiety of a handful of Zucoin holders wishing to cash out early before the Zutopia P2P marketplace is fully operational.
  5. To put a temporary hold on integrating the Zubot with the other crypto exchanges we have listed on the road map (DigiFinex, BitForex, XT.com and BitMart) who no longer support the withdrawal of customer’s funds back to bank accounts. Banking institutions are now denying crypto exchanges the ability for their customers to withdraw sale proceeds back to their bank accounts. In other words, these crypto exchanges are unable to process cash withdrawals back to bank accounts. As it stands today, customers can only convert crypto asset sales into that of another crypto asset before conducting a withdrawal from the crypto exchange. This entirely defeats the purpose of selling crypto assets and accessing cash in a bank account.

As A Word Of Caution

Zucoins L.P. will not be using the P2PB2B platform nor offering any additional support services to those Zucoin Holders wishing to use the services of P2PB2B.

For support when using P2PB2B, you need to contact their own support teams.

P2PB2B is an independently owned crypto exchange that regulates its own on-boarding, buy/sell trading functionalities, fiat “on-off ramps” and assists customers with support services. As a customer of P2PB2B, you will be totally dependent upon their technology and services.

Source: Zucoins.com newsletter from the Zucoins Marketing Team, 2023.09.11

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