Daily Crypto, Finance, and Tech News Summary – September 25, 2023

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Grand scales of justice and capitalism

Unlocking The Power Of Crypto To Evolve Capitalism

Crypto has the potential to enhance capitalism, making it more efficient and effective.

Much like other tech advancements such as AI or VR, crypto is attracting resources despite its rough patches.

It’s a magnet for innovators and entrepreneurs who see its potential to revolutionize the market, even if it’s still in its early stages.

Capitalism works by letting individuals and businesses solve market problems.

Crypto can make this process more efficient.

For instance, crypto strengthens digital property rights with smart contracts that self-enforce.

It also enables free markets for anything, from tokens to ideas, fostering competition and innovation.

Additionally, it’s starting to bring real-world assets online, facilitating capital flow to promising opportunities and lowering barriers for startups.

However, the reality of crypto’s current state is far from its ideal.

Despite promising glimpses of its potential, it’s still early days.

The technology is new, and it’s been developed amidst the chaos of the internet.

Yet, the potential is undeniable, and as long as that remains, researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors will continue to push forward, striving to turn the ideal state of crypto into a reality.

In the end, the goal is to leverage crypto to make capitalism more efficient, accelerating progress across industries.

This coming decade could witness more economic opportunities than any previous era, and crypto might be the catalyst.

As capitalism evolves, crypto is poised to play a crucial role, pushing it further toward the edges, diminishing the role of firms, and benefiting individuals and entrepreneurs. Read more here.

Capitalism’s Next Steps

Cryptocurrency’s power to strengthen digital property rights and create open markets for nearly everything is fundamental to its lure.

In a similar way that crowdsourced products on marketplaces like Kickstarter have gotten huge attention in recent years, the world of crypto could amplify this effect further, allowing individuals to directly fund all kinds of products, services and efforts that align with their wants and needs, with their crypto tokens.

Splitchain can be used to enforce digital property rights for digital assets, nurturing a safer and more reliable free market.

Using cryptographic signatures, Splitchain ensures all parties confirm the transaction, minimizing the risk of unauthorized transactions and improving trust in the ecosystem.

Cryptocurrency’s capacity to bring real-world assets online and reduce entry barriers for startups is a significant advantage.

Zucoins can elevate this by focusing on its support for small transactions.

By supporting up to 32 decimal places, Zucoins enables transactions of very small values without high fees.

This makes it more accessible for startups and entrepreneurs, leading to wider adoption of Zucoins, especially among small businesses and startups wanting to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology without a substantial, central source of investment such as from a venture capitalist or a bank.

Cryptocurrency is still in its early stages, and that includes Zucoins and the Splitchain network.

Splitchain’s choice to eliminate competitive mining or validator pools is a positive move.

This makes the network more efficient and lessens the environmental impact, addressing a major critique of traditional cryptocurrencies.

As we move into a future that could see an explosion in economic opportunities driven by cryptocurrency, Zucoins and Splitchain need to ensure they are positioning themselves as leaders in the industry, given their unique system that has solved many deeply-rooted issues in traditional blockchains.

This requires a long-term forward-thinking approach—one that focuses not only on solving current problems but also on anticipating future challenges, then building out the Splitchain protocol so it’s flexible enough to adapt to these changes, as the team continues on its decentralization journey.

It’ll involve continuously improving their features, focusing on user experience, and building partnerships with both grass-roots and industry players, so each has its own efforts reflected in the Splitchain network.

This proactive approach could ensure that as capitalism continues to evolve, Zucoins and the Splitchain network are at the forefront, driving changes and benefiting the most from this evolution.

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