Daily Crypto, Finance, and Tech News Summary – November 1, 2023

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Welcome, and thank you for being part of the MyZucoins community! Let’s get into an interesting piece of crypto, finance, or tech news to stay ahead.

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Celebrating 8 Months of MyZucoins, 150+ Newsletters

Whoa, time flies!

At MyZucoins, our primary goal has always been to serve our community and keep you well-informed about the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, finance and tech.

We’ve aimed to demystify the complex intricacies of cryptocurrencies, particularly the groundbreaking Splitchain technology and its native token, Zucoin.

Less than eight months ago, our very first article shed light on the “Future of Digital Payments“, then Gary Gensler’s perspective on tokens linked with proof-of-stake blockchain networks being securities.

Topics like these and many, many more have led to 150+ newsletters on MyZucoins, each designed to educate, inform, and inspire.

From the onset, MyZucoins was not just a platform but a vision.

A vision that saw me, Pete, initiating the momentum and Rob, with his incredible prowess [editor: laughing], validating the content for clarity and precision.

Our synergy, passion, and commitment propelled MyZucoins from an idea to an entity—a trusted independent platform dedicated to serving the Zucoins community.

The dedication didn’t stop there.

Our commitment to spotlighting the decentralized aim of Splitchain and Zucoin drives every piece of content.

The belief is simple yet profound—decentralization can foster a more transparent and equitable value exchange, bridging gaps traditional systems can’t.

Why MyZucoins?

With Splitchain showing immense potential to change the crypto world, there was a growing demand for clear, concise, and accurate information, done in a different way.

That’s where MyZucoins stepped in.

Our aim is to keep the Zucoin community informed.

We’ll continue to cover issues and innovations in topics that relate to Zucoin and Splitchain, while providing deep dives into the technology, and soon, rolling out tools tailored for developers and businesses.

In fact, we have an insanely high email read rate—some of the best in the biz.

As we march ahead, we invite you to be a part of this transformative journey.

If you haven’t joined our community of Web3 enthusiasts already, subscribing to the newsletter is a great place to start.

Together, we’ll delve deep into the world of cryptocurrency, decentralized systems, and the cutting-edge tech Zucoins is working on to shape the future.

Thank you for reading the newsletter and being a part of this.

What Readers Have To Say

There’s a great community forming here and we’re chuffed to be part of it.

We thought we should share some of the great feedback we get:

“Very informative e-mail with key points about digital public infrastructure. So bloody interesting. Feel so lucky to be a part of this. Go Zu.”


“It’s very reassuring to read your reply. Our curiosity and questions come to mind from reading your Cryptocurrency articles daily and Alan’s podcast presentations. You are our Mentors, and our belief is strong in our investment. In Zucoins. Being able to learn about cryptocurrencies is something amazing for us and thought-provoking.”

—Sue & Phill

“I really enjoyed reading this newsletter. It hints at some of the add-on value of split-chain rather than focusing on Zucoin price – the price will come. My uneducated opinion is to suggest you focus on trusted open-source collaborations for short-term support, then blue sky! No doubt you are.”


“Your dedication to transparency and educating your investors is unparalleled. Every update instills further confidence in my decision to be a part of the MyZucoins family. Keep it up!”


“Wonderful update, as usual. Gav & I read your emails to one another religiously, either before we go to sleep or first thing in the morning & we love the global information you provide about our vested interest.”

—Gav & Anon

“A big yes to this newsletter: Security and decentralization are paramount for me! Best Regards.”


“I loved the article; knowing more about the security measures in the Splitchain system is an important factor in my decision to get on board, so more detail on this subject would be great. Cheers Love your work … 👍”


“Very informative and honest and demonstrates a feasible timeline for cryptocurrency. Thank you.”


“What an amazing, dynamic, new world You guys work in with huge potential for your product is what I am gleaning from your emails! Thanks for the emails. Enjoy the journey.”


“Thanks for your constant news updates. Hope you well. Kind Regards.”


“Those of us who have taken the time to read your excellent, time-consuming writings are now that much more informed about the direction Zucoins/Splitchain is going. Your writings have confirmed that we are at a moment in history that will see the demise of a fiat, corrupted system and a massive transfer of wealth. I personally am honored to be a very small participant in the Zucoins/Splitchain evolution. It is my strong opinion that Splitchain and therefore, Zucoins will play a major role in this transformation of our current financial systems. Thank you both for the ongoing education. Keep up the good work.”


“Good info, and even I can understand it mostly.”


“Thank God for daily blogs. I was having withdrawal symptoms. Beauty.”


“I am very glad the newsletter is coming back. l look forward to reading it. And thank you very much, it’s very helpful. Cheers.”


“I’m enjoying many of the MyZucoin articles you’re putting out.”


“Keep up the good work fellas. I have found your circulars very interesting as I am new to the crypto world. I also find it interesting that some of the heavy hitters of finance, such as Black Rock, are becoming involved. Many thanks to all the team’s work in overcoming all the developments and materializing what we have today!”


“Love, Love, Love the ease of giving anyone a wallet now!!!! Nothing in it. We are super excited, and the info is so good. It keeps us up to date on not just Zucoins but info on the other crypto. I have been busy sending wallets to everyone and anyone 🙂. The more who know, the better. Super job to you and all the gang 👍.”


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