Daily Crypto, Finance, and Tech News Summary – November 16, 2023

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Zucoin’s “Zubot” Bulk Transaction Tool Approaches Final Testing And Refinement

An exciting and brief update on the progress of the bulk transaction handling system known as Zubot.

The Zucoin team is approaching the final rounds of testing and refinement for the Zubot automation system, helping to simplify areas where automated uses and integrations of Zucoin are needed.

Zubot first did its “send to wallet app” transaction at the beginning of July 2023.

In the months since, tons of work has been done to port, refine and improve software code that originally came from the Zucoin wallet app, so that it works across all kinds of the most common internet servers.

Zubot is now able to do node-to-node transfers—A key feature required for widespread automation.

For example, in a recent test, Zubot was set to do three separate transactions on a pair of wallets, transferring 0.0001 Zucoins from one wallet to the other—automatically.

Zucoins Zubot bulk automation transaction tool testing screenshots -- 2023.11.12

Keen readers might notice some interesting potential capabilities in the screenshots above. We’ll cover those in future, so make sure you’ve subscribed to this newsletter.

This means rewriting the logic in a different computer language, with many subtle differences, making the tool handle lots of activities in specific order, but being flexible enough for a variety of use cases.

In all, the tool takes 2+ years of work done on the current Zucoin wallet app and Splitchain system and applies system mirroring, code migrations and porting, plus additional modifications that are specific for uses in bulk transactions, all while maintaining compatibility with the existing Zucoin wallet app and Splitchain network.

So far it’s taken a total of ~5 months of round the clock progress and it’s now at the pointy end.

Tons of work has gone into making it reliable and easy for third-party software and web developers to use—a huge market, that has been mostly left out by the traditional blockchains’ approach to developing their systems.

They tend to use uncommon computer languages—often their own they’ve created in certain areas like smart contracts, which add to the friction of working with an already complex system.

It’s Zucoin’s goal to keep things simple, make tools and systems ready to plug into what most businesses already have and make it easy to extend upon for specialized use cases.

Zubot will help ease integrations for third parties, from retailers, to enterprises, to exchanges, when doing Zucoin transactions.

They will be able to run their own Zubot tool in their own environments, so it can be precisely positioned for their needs.

It also opens up all kinds of sophisticated abilities that can be coded-in by a wide number of software and web developers with existing skillsets

There are millions of these kinds of developers around the world and most blockchains have alienated them by not catering to their existing abilities and skills.

A goal of Splitchain, and all tools created by the Zucoin team, is to expand the potential for a blockchain alternative.

Heavily reduce the friction, doing so in a way that has the effect of causing more decentralization over time.

Zubot, like Splitchain and the Zucoins wallet app, will be open-sourced when the time is right.

Developers will be able to build on top of Zubot’s core, adding their own abilities, features, and integrations too.

For example, it’ll be easy to extend Zubot with the ability to send automatic SMS notifications, plug it into online stores, send email updates, and account balancing for businesses and exchanges—Zubot’s potential is far and wide.

More kinds of testing and subsequent refinement are underway, as the Zucoin team takes the tool through its paces and see what else it needs, but we’re nearing the completion of another major development milestone, so stay tuned for more updates.

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