Zucoin Wallet App v186 Update Released – Expanded Transfer Codes

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2024.05.30 - zucoin wallet app version v186 update released log changes -- people sitting at a table, passing postage envelopes to each other

What’s Inside Zucoin’s v186 Release Of The Zucoin Wallet App?

Zucoin wallet app v186 is now out in the wild!

This update includes a huge number of changes relating to “transfer codes”—that is, the long code that a sender will send to a receiver.

You know, the ones that look like this:

  • JTdCJTIyaW5uZ…IlM0ElMjIlMjIlN0Q

    Hurry! Accept this Zucoins transfer code in 70s. Copy whole message. Open app. “Paste transfer code”

Transfer codes now have a foundation to support more customization and functionality, allowing third parties to customize, to some degree, how transfer codes are formed and appear in the Zucoin wallet app.

It’s the first release of a much larger rollout that will be happening over the coming weeks.

This upgrade kicks off the migration process for existing transfer processes, moving them into the new standard.

For the scorekeepers: This version of the Zucoin wallet app had 345 additions and 74 deletions.

Will This Help Third-Party Platforms Like Zutopia?


One of the first use cases for this feature will be to simplify the formation of a sender transaction for the Zutopia marketplace, allowing for easier creation of draft transfers that you can copy and paste into your Zucoin wallet app.

It’s designed to reduce several steps, streamlining the process for third-party platforms that want to integrate with the Zucoin wallet app.

Is This Transfer Code Feature Limited To Zutopia Use Only?


The Zucoin team has taken time to consider how all kinds of third parties could integrate customized transfer codes into their own platforms.

This is designed to smooth out cross-app integration for all kinds of external systems, not just Zutopia.

Zutopia is just a first use case for this feature.

Developer documentation will be released when the full rollout of this “transfer code” feature is complete, allowing third-parties to have their own Zucoin wallet app integrations.

Will This New Transfer Code Feature Automatically Submit A Transaction From My Zucoin Wallet App?


As with many decisions the Zucoin team makes, safety is a priority.

The expanded transfer code capabilities still require you, as the user, to confirm anything that is about to happen.

The main change with this “transfer code” rollout is that it allows third-party platforms, such as Zutopia, to have more customization over what is shown within the Zucoin wallet app.

Does This New Transfer Code Capability Allow Third Parties To Access More Of My Zucoin Wallet Data?


This capability doesn’t allow third parties to access any extra data from your Zucoin wallet app, so it’s just as safe as before.

It just helps third parties automate some of the transfer steps, making things faster and easier.

You still have to confirm any pending transfers in your Zucoin wallet app.

Are There More Specific Developer Integration Details?

They’re coming.

This update is just one piece of a bigger rollout happening over the coming weeks.

Once everything is fully rolled out, developer documentation will be released, allowing Zucoin users to take these changes and apply them to their own Zucoin wallet app integrations.

When it’s ready, it’ll be added to the existing developer documentation.

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