Daily Crypto, Finance and Tech News Summary – April 17, 2023

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David Bowie crypto nft oil painting

Unreleased David Bowie Recording to Debut as Music NFT

The never-before-heard version of Bowie’s hit “Let’s Dance” will be sold via pay-what-you-want NFTs from Gala Music and benefit charity.

An unreleased recording by David Bowie is set to debut as a music NFT. The NFT is a unique digital asset that uses blockchain technology to certify ownership and authenticity. The recording is a live rendition of ‘The Jean Genie’ from a 1974 concert in Detroit. It will be sold as a one-of-a-kind NFT, and the buyer will receive the audio file and a video of the performance.

The NFT market has surged recently, with sales reaching millions for digital art and other unique digital assets. The deal of the David Bowie recording is expected to generate a lot of interest and could fetch a high price. However, the NFT market has often been criticised for its environmental impact, as the blockchain technology used to create and trade NFTs still have somewhat inefficient processes and high fees.

The sale of the David Bowie NFT is part of a trend of musicians and artists exploring new ways to monetise their work in the digital age. NFTs offer a way for creators to sell unique digital assets directly to collectors without the need for intermediaries like record labels or art dealers. While the market is still relatively new and untested, it is clear that NFTs are here to stay and could significantly impact the music and art industries in the years to come. View more here

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Aspiring US President Robert Kennedy Jr. Says Cryptocurrencies Offer an Escape Route to Country’s Growing Debt Bubble

Robert Kennedy Jr., an aspiring US President, has claimed that Bitcoin could provide a way out of the country’s growing debt bubble. He made this statement in an interview with The Daily Hodl. Kennedy feels that the government is not doing enough to address the issue of debt and that Bitcoin could be a solution. He believes that Bitcoin’s decentralised nature makes it a more secure investment option than traditional currencies.

Kennedy also pointed out that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been gaining popularity and acceptance in recent years. He feels that this is a sign that people are becoming more aware of the benefits of cryptocurrencies. Kennedy believes that Bitcoin could be used as a hedge against inflation and a way to protect wealth. He also feels that Bitcoin could help to reduce the power of central banks and governments.

Overall, Kennedy’s comments suggest that he sees Bitcoin as a potential solution to some of the economic problems facing the United States. He believes that the government needs to take a more proactive approach to addressing the issue of debt and that Bitcoin could be a way to do this. While his views may not be shared by everyone, they do highlight the growing interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as alternative investment options. View more here

Ethereum Co-Founder, Vitalik, Says Ethereum Will Focus On Scalability Post-Shapella

Ethereum is planning to focus on scalability after the launch of the upcoming Ethereum 2.0 upgrade, according to Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum. Buterin said that the “Shapella” upgrade, which is set to launch in July, will only bring minor improvements to the network’s scalability. Instead, the Ethereum team is looking to implement a series of upgrades that will make the network more scalable in the long run.

Buterin also discussed the recent surge in popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and how they have contributed to the network’s congestion. He said that while NFTs have been a boon for Ethereum, they have also highlighted the need for better scalability. The Ethereum team is working to address this issue by implementing the upgrades mentioned above and other improvements that will make the network more efficient and scalable in the long run.

Scalability is a hot topic in the world of crypto and there’s a gigantic demand to create a system that can reliably scale to billions of users, while staying decentralised and permissionless. A feat which all mainstream blockchain systems have struggled to achieve. View more here

These three stories demonstrate the potential benefits of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, such as Zucoins, on the Splitchain network. The David Bowie NFT sale shows how blockchain can create new revenue streams for artists. With the use of a platform like Splitchain, it can potentially reduce the environmental impact associated with NFTs. The opinion of aspiring US President Robert Kennedy Jr. on cryptocurrencies highlights the growing acceptance and awareness of digital assets, which could translate into increased adoption of Zucoins as a secure and decentralised cryptocurrency without the energy demands of blockchain mining.

Furthermore, Ethereum’s focus on scalability indicates the importance of addressing network congestion and efficiency in the blockchain ecosystem. The Splitchain system is already designed with these advancements in mind ensuring that Zucoins will be an attractive choice for users seeking a scalable and sustainable cryptocurrency. Overall, these stories signify a promising future for Zucoins and the Splitchain network, as they harness the positive aspects of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to provide useful applications across various industries and economic challenges.

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