Daily Crypto, Finance, and Tech News Summary – December 14, 2023

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Lots of changes being made to a system

System Update: 50k+ Under-The-Hood Code Changes Coming To The Zucoin Wallet App, Zubot And Splitchain Network

It’s time for a quick insight into Zucoin’s development progress, mainly the Zucoin wallet app and the Splitchain node network.

While it may look like there haven’t been many app changes in recent months, regular readers will know this is only because there are a whole lot of changes happening under the hood for bigger milestones.

This isn’t even considering other developments, such as the Zutopia marketplace.

Splitchain node network changes since last version v14 -- 2023.12.13

Splitchain node network software changes since the last public node update was released, have hit ~47,000+ lines of code changed or added.

~3,500 lines of code have been removed from the Splitchain node network software.

Note that these indicators are shown as multiple layers of stacked changes over time—there aren’t 47,000 lines of code in the current version of the Splitchain node network software, it’s a far smaller package than this.

For those unfamiliar with software development, as one part changes, another part relying on this logic needs modifications to remain compatible.

In turn, those modifications result in other bits of logic depending on that being updated too, triggering a cascade of components being updated.

This process repeats until all dependent items are updated and re-tested.

Zucoin wallet app changes since last version v170 -- 2023.12.13

Zucoin wallet app changes since the last public v170 update was released, have reached ~7,800+ lines of code being changed or added.

6,500 lines of code logic have been removed from the Zucoin wallet app so far.

As you can guess by the differences in the numbers, a lot of these changes have come from server-side items, such as Zubot and Splitchain node scalability updates.

It’ll lay a lot of important foundations for Zucoin’s plans in 2024.

The next few releases of the Zucoin wallet app and Splitchain network node are going to be gigantic.

What’s more, these changes don’t come from third-party dependencies bolted onto systems, which is often used to inflate these kinds of metrics.

Here, it’s internally created by the core Zucoin product team.

We did it this way because, for long-term maintenance and reliability, a system should have the minimal number of external moving parts as possible.

More moving parts are more points of failure.

Especially if you offload those parts to third-parties.

Very few systems are built this way, but for Splitchain to become a truly standardized and decentralized, yet flexible protocol, it needs to be.

Normally we don’t like to do big hefty changes like this—it’s better to make lots of smaller releases more frequently, but the currently live and publicly usable beta versions of the Zucoin app and Splitchain node network have been stable, allowing the Zucoin team to dig deep, and focus on hammering through some mega tasks.

Most of these changes focus on more expansion capabilities, especially on Zubot (nearly complete), node scalability (in progress), more preparations for open source, and many, many other changes.

To most users of the Zucoin wallet app, the next major system update will probably look and feel mostly the same, but that’s the point—it’s the sign of a solid under-the-hood infrastructure update.

That means all of the changes are working smoothly and feel familiar, even though there are a whole lot of different parts under the hood.

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