Zutopia Marketplace Update – After Second Testing Round

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Zucoin’s Zutopia Team released their latest update on the Zutopia marketplace platform’s v2 beta testing phase earlier today.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, we’ve included it below, with only minor edits for editorial purposes.

Zutopia Marketplace V2 Update After Second Testing Round - a vibrant, bustling marketplace

What Are The Current Results Of Zutopia’s Round 2 Of User Testing?

Round 2 of beta testing commenced at 7:30pm on the 27th of February 2024.

Of the 251 testers, the Zutopia team has received over 100 support tickets and for the most part, the testers have reported similar issues.

These issues have been passed on to the Zutopia development team to be resolved.

What Is Zutopia Looking For In This Testing Round?

During this round of testing, the Zutopia team simply want users to test and break as many parts of Zutopia’s marketplace as they can.

Issues found may only apply to certain phones with specific user configurations, operating systems and versions.

The Zutopia team needs to ensure all issues are found and resolved.

They are sending email updates to testers for any significant changes.

These changes may result in the testers needing to close their Zutopia apps, re-install Zutopia, create new listings or pause testing temporarily.

In upcoming testing rounds, Zutopia will be testing transactions between Zutopia’s marketplace, a “test” Zucoin wallet and a “test” Splitchain environment.

Once successfully tested Zutopia will begin testing transactions between Zutopia’s marketplace and the payment processor.

For easy adoption and usability, Zutopia is requesting that users try to operate Zutopia’s marketplace without the need for tutorials.

For this reason, during testing, Zutopia will not be providing any tutorial videos or any documentation.

Are you interested in becoming a Zutopia tester? Do you have a question, idea or feedback for the Zutopia team? Contact Zutopia’s support team here.

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