Daily Crypto, Finance and Tech News Summary – April 21, 2023

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Ship full of gold coins entering Hong Kong Harbour

Hong Kong Strives to Become Crypto Hub

Hong Kong is positioning itself as a leading cryptocurrency hub, leveraging its reputation as a global financial centre and strong infrastructure. The city’s regulatory framework is increasingly in support of the cryptocurrency world, particularly exchanges, fostering a favourable trickle-down environment for blockchain and digital asset companies.

The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has granted numerous licenses to cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing them to operate in the city. Furthermore, Hong Kong’s legal system encourages blockchain adoption and has established regulatory clarity around cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and initial coin offerings (ICOs).

Hong Kong’s blockchain ecosystem is also bolstered by an abundance of talent, world-class universities, and robust research and development. This combination fosters innovation, collaboration, and the potential for more innovation in the crypto and blockchain sectors.

The city’s geographical location and proximity to mainland China, where cryptocurrency trading and ICOs are banned, offer cautious, but additional advantages. Hong Kong has the potential to become a bridge between mainland China and the global cryptocurrency market, providing access to digital asset investment and trading opportunities for Chinese investors.

By embracing a progressive regulatory framework, investing in talent and fostering innovation, Hong Kong is well on its way to becoming a global Web3 hub. Read more here

Signature Bank’s Collapse: Crypto Not to Blame, Says NY Regulator

New York State’s Superintendent Adrienne Harris has refuted the notion that Signature Bank failed due to its exposure to the crypto industry. During a House Financial Services Committee’s panel on digital assets, financial technology and inclusion, Harris revealed that panic withdrawals from fiduciary trusts and wholesale food vendors following Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse contributed to Signature Bank’s failure, rather than crypto-related issues.

Harris stated that only “20% of that 20%” of the deposits withdrawn from Signature Bank were crypto-related. She insisted that the collapse resulted from regular commercial customers with uninsured deposits leaving the bank, not from crypto deposits and their instability. The discussion took place during a hearing focused on creating a US regulatory framework tailored to stablecoins.

Former Rep. Barney Frank, a Signature Bank board member, has criticised the New York Department of Financial Services for allegedly taking premature action in closing the bank due to its involvement with the digital asset industry. Signature Bank operated a crypto-oriented payments network, Signet, which the FDIC is currently attempting to sell. Read more here and also check out the March article covering more background details too.

Web3 Development Booms in Q1 2023

Alchemy’s Web3 Developer Report for Q1 2023 highlights a remarkable surge in Web3 development, reflecting the industry’s rapid growth. With 12,000 new developers building on Alchemy’s platform this quarter, the total number of developers now exceeds 250,000, demonstrating Web3’s increasing mainstream adoption.

Ethereum remains the dominant blockchain, overtaking Bitcoin in recent years, accounting for 77% of developers, while Layer 2 solutions and alternative blockchains continue to gain traction, despite increasing network fragmentation and complexity.

Optimism and Arbitrum, two popular Layer 2 platforms, have witnessed 220% and 260% growth, respectively, in developer usage. Additionally, the report reveals a 480% growth in the number of developers working with the Terra blockchain.

In the NFT space, developers are increasingly shifting from Ethereum to other blockchains and Layer 2 solutions. The report shows a 20% decrease in Ethereum-based NFT projects, while Solana, Binance Smart Chain, and Flow have seen growth rates of 200%, 120%, and 100%, respectively.

The gaming industry has experienced a 300% increase in Web3 development, driven primarily by play-to-earn models and an appetite for decentralised virtual worlds. Financial services, another sector embracing Web3 technology, recorded a 180% growth in development activities.

Alchemy’s Q1 2023 report underscores the expansion of the Web3 ecosystem, highlighting the diverse range of blockchain applications across various industries. Read more here

Wrap Up: Innovative Use Cases for Zucoins on the Advanced Splitchain Decentralised Network

Recent developments in the blockchain and crypto sectors exemplify the potential for innovative use cases for Zucoins, operating on the cutting-edge Splitchain decentralised network. With Hong Kong striving to become a global cryptocurrency hub, its regulatory framework, improving legal clarity, and support for blockchain adoption will help create a favourable environment for cryptocurrencies like Zucoins to thrive.

As the Web3 ecosystem expands, the demand for Layer 2 solutions and alternative blockchains is increasing, providing opportunities for Zucoins and the splitchain network to gain traction. As Splitchain is a ground-up layer 1, it won’t necessarily need layer 2 solutions, reducing development simplicity. The shift in NFT development towards blockchains like Solana, Binance Smart Chain, and Flow demonstrates the potential for Zucoins to be adopted within the NFT space.

Additionally, the gaming industry’s 300% increase in Web3 development and adoption of play-to-earn models can pave the way for Zucoins’ integration in the decentralised entertainment industry. Financial services embracing Web3 technology, as evidenced by a 180% growth in development activities, present further opportunities for Zucoins within the sector.

As the blockchain landscape evolves, Zucoins, leveraging the advanced Splitchain decentralised network, can capitalise on these exciting, emerging trends and create innovative use cases across numerous industries.

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