Zucoin Wallet App v171 Update Released!

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Zucoin wallet app version release wallet with the phrase v171

What’s Inside Zucoin’s v171 Release Of The Zucoin Wallet App?

Zucoin has rolled out the first phase of their massive 50k+ pending changes that were first reported in December 2023.

It lays an enormous amount of groundwork for upcoming changes.

This is the first phase of that release, having undergone numerous rounds of testing and refinements.

Zucoin wallet app version v171 update released log changes -- 2024.02.12 08.55.59 PM -- Screenshot

Some hard numbers: The app release contains 8062 additions and 6482 deletions to Zucoin’s wallet app codebase.

You may not notice major changes in this app release—and that’s the best news we can hear.


This update brings many parts of the app into alignment with Zucoin’s Zubot bulk transfer tool and ongoing widespread improvements to Splitchain’s network.

For example, many of the same bits of logic that work in Zubot, now work in the app too.

While the app can’t directly unleash bulk transfers like Zubot can, it does make sure the two know how to talk to each other, over the Splitchain network.

It also means code maintenance and management time vastly decreases, even though the two codebases run in two completely different environments—Zubot on web servers and the Zucoin Wallet App on web browsers and installed devices.

Here’s a quick screenshot of the changes compared side-by-side, for just one of the 49 app files updated.

On the left are the old v170 changes.

On the right are v171 changes.

Stay tuned for more info on the rest of the changes being rolled out.

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