How Do I Backup My Zucoins Wallet App Data?

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Backing up your Zucoins wallet is an essential task for ensuring the safety of your digital assets.

The Zucoin wallet app features built-in backup and restore functionality available in the app’s settings.

How To Do It:

Open your Zucoin wallet app.

Click on the settings icon in the top-right corner (the gear).

In the screen that opens, click on “Backup wallet”.

Read the shown recommendations and tips on backing up your wallet.

Click the button “l accept, download the file”.

Choose a place to save the backup file.

A file will be saved containing the data in your Zucoin wallet app, such as your public and private keys (extremely important to keep this file safe and secure), your full transaction history, your saved contact list and more.

That’s it, done.

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