How Do I Restore My Zucoins Wallet App Data From A Backup File?

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Restoring your Zucoin wallet data allows you to load a previously made Zucoin wallet app data backup, into your current Zucoin wallet app.

Note: Restoring a wallet replaces the current Zucoin wallet you have in your app, so make sure you’ve backed up that wallet too if you want to preserve it.

The Zucoin wallet app features built-in backup and restore functionality available in the app’s settings.

How To Do It:

Open your Zucoin wallet app.

Click on the settings icon in the top-right corner (the gear).

In the screen that opens, click on “Restore wallet”.

Read the shown recommendations and tips on restoring your wallet.

Click the button “l accept, load backup file”.

Choose the location where the backup file is stored.

The backup file will be loaded into the Zucoin wallet app, replacing any prior stored data.

This process restores your wallet to the point-in-time when the backup file was made.

If you’ve done transactions since this backup was made, they will not be shown in the app, as they didn’t exist when the backup was made.

As the Zucoin wallet app is self-managed, also known as a “self-custodial” wallet app, you need to regularly backup your wallet to preserve its data.

When you restore from a wallet backup, the Zucoin wallet app will check the Splitchain caching network for your last known transaction data.

Any transactions found to be cached on the Splitchain network are saved in your Zucoin wallet app.

This is done so you can transaction with your latest available transaction information.

That’s it, done.

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