Zutopia Marketplace Update – Payment Processor Integration

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The Zutopia team just released an exciting update on the marketplace’s integration with a payment processor, Stripe.

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Zutopia Update – Stripe Integration

Over the past 3 weeks, the Zutopia development team has been working hard, fixing issues, implementing design changes, building in new features and importantly, developing and testing the Stripe integration.

Next week, the Stripe integration will be thoroughly tested by all our Beta testers using the Stripe testing area. Beta testers will be given dummy credit card details to add to their Zutopia apps and to perform test card transactions.

Once the Stripe integration is validated by our Beta testers, we will then commence testing Zutopia using a live Zucoins testing area.

This is the final step before launching Zutopia live. Huge!!!!!

2024.04.19 - zutopia update 3 stripe integration - zucoins app preview

Partial Fulfillment

Next week (while the testers are testing Stripe), the development team will focus on implementing and testing the partial fulfillment feature.

This feature will allow users the flexibility to adjust the quantity of Zucoins to a lower amount, instead of fulfilling the whole listing.

Once a user has adjusted the Total Zucoins amount, the Total Price for the trade will be adjusted (based on the Price Per Zucoin).

The Price Per Zucoin does not change when the Total Zucoins are adjusted.

The user who created the listing will retain the ability to accept or decline requests as they are submitted.

When a user creates a listing, they can set a minimum Zucoins amount.

Buy / Sell Listing

To stay aligned with markets around the world, Buy and Sell listings will be displayed by Market Price order (Price Per Zucoin).

Subsequent listings will be displayed based on an increased Zucoin value (Price Per Zucoin).

If a user wants to view listings in a different order, they can change the listing sort order by Market Price, High to Low OR Low to High.

Additionally, users can filter listings based on Total Price, Price Per Zucoin, or Number of Zucoins.

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