Zucoin Wallet App v174 Update Released – Easy Refresh

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What’s Inside Zucoin’s v174 Release Of The Zucoin Wallet App?

The Zucoin wallet v174 now has an easy way to refresh and check for your latest data on the Splitchain network.

Zucoin wallet app version v174 update released log changes -- refresh button added highlight overlay

Following up on Zucoin’s recent rollout of network updates over the past month, it was time to add in the ability to quickly check the Splitchain network for any changes to your most recent activity.

Sometimes, bigger network issues can cause longer dropouts, that even Zucoin’s network jitter update can’t work around.

The Splitchain network typically holds a cache of your last two transactions, so that others who have recently transacted with you can still verify your proven amounts, even when your app is closed or your phone is not connected to the internet.

This also has the upside of providing an easy and quick way to cross-check against the data stored in your Zucoin wallet app, compared to the cached data the Splitchain network has held in its temporary memory.

When Should You Refresh Your Zucoin Wallet?

There are times when it makes sense to trigger a Zucoin wallet app refresh.

It could be due to having the same wallet on multiple devices, which may cause one wallet to fall behind and become out-of-date with the same wallet that has been loaded onto a different device.

While Zucoin suggests users keep one Zucoin wallet per device, some users have reported doing this so they can share the same Zucoin wallet with another person.

Note: The better way to do this is to have two separate wallets and transfer amounts to the other wallet.

This “refresh” process gets the last-known information that was sent to the Splitchain network and updates your wallet with anything you might have missed.

Does The Wallet Refresh Clear Out And Reset My Zucoin Wallet App’s Data?


This is not a wallet reset.

The Zucoin wallet app refresh feature doesn’t wipe your existing Zucoin wallet.

If your data has been cleared from the wallet, for a variety of possible reasons, you can restore your Zucoin wallet from a backup.

Why Is It Important To Keep Your Zucoin Wallet Up-To-Date?

Splitchain transactions, like many kinds of crypto transactions, utilize your last transaction to form the basis of your next transaction.

If you attempt to create a transaction using old information, the transaction will fail, as it was made using old transaction data that is no longer valid.

How Does This Improve The Previous Process To Refresh A Zucoin Wallet?

If you’re using a Zucoin wallet app that is older than v174, the way to refresh a wallet was to backup and restore your wallet.

Restoring a previous wallet backup, even if it was the same wallet, triggers a Splitchain network update check.

The refresh button now simplifies this process greatly, involving far fewer steps for a similar outcome.

Where Is The Refresh Button On The Zucoin Wallet App?

The refresh button is visible on the first screen you see when you open the Zucoin wallet app.

Triggering a refresh check is done by pressing the “refresh” button (two circular arrows), at the top of the Zucoin wallet app.

To avoid interrupting other processes that may be happening, this refresh button only appears when you’re on the “home screen”, also known as the “overview screen” of the Zucoin wallet app.

Note: This is not the same as the Zucoin wallet “app” update process. See our guide on how to update your Zucoin wallet app to the latest version here.

How Many Times Can I Use The Zucoin Wallet App Refresh Process?

To keep things efficient and avoid overloading the Splitchain network, the Zucoin wallet app allows you to refresh the wallet once every couple of minutes.

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