Zucoin Wallet App v176 Update Released – More Improvements To Android Install Process

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What’s Inside Zucoin’s v176 Release Of The Zucoin Wallet App?

Zucoin wallet app v176 builds on Zucoin’s last v175 wallet app update, further improving the Android install process for new users getting the Zucoin wallet app.

This update improves an edge case involving special modes inside of web browsers, such as “incognito” or “private” browsing modes.

It affects Android devices, including those from manufacturers such as Samsung, Google Pixel, LG, Sony, Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei and more.

What Changed In The Android Install Process With This Update?

On Android, when you attempt to install the Zucoin wallet app while in a private or incognito web browser window, the detection method to check if the app has already been installed is sometimes disabled.

When this occurs, the Zucoin wallet app’s install process may be unable to help users install the wallet app with its easy, guided help messages.

Using a number of detection techniques, the Zucoin wallet app’s install process can now detect if a user is in a private browsing window, guiding users through this process too.

These detection methods notify the user to install the app via the normal web browsing mode, as certain features are otherwise unavailable during the install process.

It’s a change that sounds simple but involves quite of bit of software logic to pull it off reliably.

Device manufacturers and browser vendors often do things in a slightly different way from one another, requiring several carefully tested fallback solutions.

The upside is, the install process has become even smoother.

It will automatically adjust itself and provide next-step instructions—in more ways than before, based on the device and web browser you’re using to install the Zucoin wallet app.

Zucoin wallet app version v176 update released log changes -- more on smart android install process, private browsing detection message

Who Is Affected By This Change To The Zucoin Wallet App Install Process?

This change makes the Zucoin wallet app install process more helpful in more areas for new users.

Existing users with Zucoin wallet apps already installed on their smartphones won’t notice any difference.

As the number of people using the Zucoin wallet app grows, the odds of a user encountering such a scenario will rise.

Through lots of testing, it was something the Zucoin team noticed prior to the release of v175.

Detecting these modes are a tricky task, so Zucoin scheduled the change for its wallet app’s v176 update, ensuring it’s thoroughly tested and reliable before releasing it.

Does This Update Affect My Existing Installed Zucoin Wallet App?

No, this Zucoin wallet app update affects how users first install the Zucoin wallet app, giving them more automatic guidance on Android devices.

Existing users aren’t affected as they have already installed the Zucoin wallet app.

Will This Change How I Install The Zucoin Wallet App On My Apple iPhone?

No, this change only affects Android devices.

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