Zucoin Wallet App v175 Update Released – Smarter Android Install Process

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Zucoin wallet app version v175 update released log changes -- Lots of people installing an android app, sign saying v175

What’s Inside Zucoin’s v175 Release Of The Zucoin Wallet App?

The Zucoin wallet v175 has significantly improved the install process on Android devices from manufacturers such as Samsung, Google Pixel, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, Huawei and more.

What Does The New Android Install Process Look Like?

On Android devices, to keep things familiar, the core of the install process looks similar to the old install process, even though behind the scenes it’s been overhauled.

Zucoin Wallet App v175 Update Released - Better Android Install Process -- 2024.03.06 Screenshot 2

What Changed With The Zucoin Wallet App Install Process On Android Devices?

Zucoin has heavily redesigned the Android install process, simplifying the Zucoin wallet app install process.

There are many variations to consider when it comes to Android devices and getting an app to install on your device’s home screen can take many different paths.

The Zucoin wallet app will now detect subtle differences between different vendors and automatically guide the user through the install process.

For example, attempting to install the Zucoin wallet app through an Android web browser app that doesn’t support standard methods to install web apps, will now instruct the user to use a browser that does.

By default, Zucoin recommends the most popular default browser on Android devices, which is the Google Chrome browser.

You’ll also notice that each part of the install process has more in-built troubleshooting information, to quickly provide help suggestions if you get stuck on one of the steps.

Zucoin Wallet App v175 Update Released - Better Android Install Process -- 2024.03.06 Screenshot 1

Does The Zucoin Wallet App Now Detect If The App Has Already Been Installed?

Yes, when you attempt to install the app, it’ll check your Android device to see if the Zucoin wallet app has already been installed using the standard install process.

Previous versions of the Zucoin wallet app attempted to do this using some basic methods, but it’s now been redesigned for far more reliable detection.

Zucoin Wallet App v175 Update Released - Better Android Install Process -- 2024.03.06 Screenshot 3

Can I Install The Zucoin Wallet App Using Other Web Browsers On Android?

Yes, however, due to the wide variations between different web browser vendors on Android, Zucoin doesn’t provide official support for this.

In testing, installing the app via many other kinds of web browsers does work on Android—it’s just a different install process.

For example, some web browsers on Android don’t have in-built methods to detect if an app has already been installed, which makes the process of automatically assisting users through the process, much harder.

If you’re feeling adventurous, by all means take up the challenge, but just keep in mind Zucoin probably won’t provide support for it.

Can I Have Multiple Zucoin Wallets On An Android Device?

Yes, but it’s tricky and not something Zucoin recommends for most users, due to the degree of difficulty.

Installing multiple Zucoin wallet apps on Android requires understanding different install processes that different device vendors and browser app makers have put in place.

To keep things simple on Android, Zucoin instead recommends users create backups of their wallets and load them in as needed, on their main app.

Why Are There Different Ways To Install An App On Similar Android Devices?

The process of installing the Zucoin wallet app, or any app for that matter, significantly differs between Apple iPhone devices and Android devices.

These two operating systems make up most of the global smartphone market.

What’s more, the install process on Android devices can differ between smartphone manufacturers, even if the underlying operating system, Android, is the same.

The same applies to native app stores and web browsers on Android devices—they can differ in how they control app install processes.

Samsung is a well-known example.

Despite having a huge market share in the global smartphone market (depending on the region you’re in), Samsung typically clones every in-built Android app, making their own version of it.

For users, this can be confusing as on Samsung smartphones, there are often two versions of every common app—the inbuilt Android app, plus Samsung’s own alternative for it.

What’s more, many Android manufacturers also have their own app stores, separate from Google’s Play Store, adding more potential confusion.

It’s actually one of the benefits of a well-designed web app—it abstracts away some of these variations.

Can Zucoin’s Wallet App New Install Process Work On Apple iPhones Too?

Unfortunately, not yet.

This might change in the future, as the European Union is forcing Apple to allow alternative app stores and web browser engines on iPhones.

Exciting stuff.

Until then, on iPhones, installing the Zucoin wallet app requires a simple two-step install process, which the overwhelming majority of users have found quite easy (click the “share” button, then “Add to home screen”).

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