Zucoin Wallet App v179 Update Released – Improved Instant Wallet Reset

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2024.04.03 - zucoin wallet app version v179 update released - people sanding, sawing, working to shape craft a big red reset button in a workshop

What’s Inside Zucoin’s v179 Release Of The Zucoin Wallet App?

Zucoin wallet app v179 has more refinements and precautions for the last update, v178, which added a rapid and easy way to factory reset a Zucoin wallet app.

A quick refresher—last week the Zucoin wallet app v178 was released, featuring this:

2024.03.27 - zucoin wallet app version v178 update released log changes -- reset button screenshot

Phew, who thought a humble reset button would cause such controversy this past week?

Many thanks to the MyZucoins newsletter readers who replied back and sent through all kinds of great suggestions to add to this feature.

The Zucoin team considered each of them and many more.

There’s now a solid refinement to the reset process in the Zucoin wallet app v179 update.

After discussions and testing various solutions, the Zucoin team settled on prompting users to do another wallet backup, if they haven’t already, before the wallet reset process continues too far.

This way, even if you do an accidental wallet reset (or you were just feeling adventurous), you can quickly restore your previous wallet from a freshly made backup.

2024.04.03 - zucoin wallet app version v179 update released log changes -- reset button backup prompt screenshot

There are lots of other subtle changes to make the process “less automatic” (a common suggestion was that resetting was too easy), so steps were added to make it a more involved process.

One of the rare cases where you put effort into adding more friction, not reducing it.

2024.04.03 - zucoin wallet app version v179 update released log changes -- reset complete done screenshot

Why Would Anybody Need To Reset Their Zucoin Wallet, And Other Questions

Instead of repeating ourselves here, check out the original Zucoin wallet app v178 update notes to read the full reset feature breakdown, including what it does, how it works and when you should use it.

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