Zucoin Wallet App v180 Update Released – Wider Range Of Devices Supported

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2024.04.12 - zucoin wallet app version v180 update released log changes - people looking a plethora of different sized lcd screens

What’s Inside Zucoin’s v180 Release Of The Zucoin Wallet App?

There are tons of subtle changes to the Zucoin wallet app in this v180 release, improving how the app looks when it’s loaded on all kinds of unusual and less common devices.

When the two versions of the Zucoin wallet app are compared, from the prior v179 to the latest v180 release, there were 2,929 additions and 3,162 deletions to the app’s code.

From square-ish screens like Apple iPads and Android tablets, to ultra-thin vertical screens like those on the Samsung Galaxy Fold, this update ensures the app looks great and consistent across all of those devices and many more.

While each of Zucoin’s teams continues to focus on major Splitchain network scalability milestones and the Zutopia marketplace, regular Zucoin wallet app updates like this one aim to cover many daily usage improvements.

This update, like many of Zucoin’s updates, is in response to feedback and suggestions from many Zucoin users, so thank you again to the people who are sending screenshots of edge cases you’re experiencing with the Zucoin wallet app in weird and wonderful places, along with ideas and suggestions.

There are a ton more updates planned in the pipeline, so if you haven’t already subscribed and shared this newsletter around, please do so.

One of Zucoin’s goals is to ensure the system works on the widest range of supported devices it can.

The v180 update of the Zucoin wallet app targets those areas and lays the foundation for bigger app updates to come.

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