Zucoin Wallet App v182 Update Released – Maintenance & Tweaks

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2024.04.17 - zucoin wallet app version v182 update released log changes -- people cleaning around lots of large blue rectangular buttons on the floor of a factory

What’s Inside Zucoin’s v182 Release Of The Zucoin Wallet App?

This version of the Zucoin wallet app is a maintenance update.

It has small tweaks and improvements, carrying on from the larger Zucoin wallet app v180 update which had 3,000+ code changes and the follow-up v181 refinement release.

The main change in this wallet app version affects button behavior, as further testing and MyZucoins subscriber feedback showed some devices and screen sizes experienced interaction inconsistencies since the v180 release.

As always, thank you for reading and keep on sending through great feedback—it’s exciting to hear about how you’re using Zucoins.

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