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A Ground-Up Crypto Rethink

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101: The Basics


Zucoins is the default cryptocurrency token on the Splitchain network.


Splitchain is a system network and protocol designed to fix many issues currently present in traditional blockchains (“layer 1’s” as they’re known), without going down the current “staking” or “layer-2” approaches that most of the industry is going towards. We discovered there are many benefits to doing things our way.


The Zucoins wallet app is what you use to manage your Zucoins token and the connection to the Splitchain network.

Years In The Making

We’ve been working on this for a few years and we think we’ve got something pretty different and special. Here’s a handful of factors that make Zucoins and it’s underlying Splitchain network great.

1) So, So Different

Zucoins doesn’t behave like any other cryptocurrency because it’s not based on any other system. It’s a clean slate. We don’t even consider it a blockchain. There are no miners or pooled groups of validators. Zucoins runs on Splitchain, a brand new distributed ledger system. And we think there’s nothing out there like it. So much is built into one package. Batteries included.

2) Flat Histories

No long records of history going back since the beginning of time. That’s what blockchain does and we don’t think it’ll ever really scale the way it should—to stay decentralized. On the Splitchain network, only the last two transactions are cached by default. To keep regulators happy, you can opt-in for more logs as needed for your own network nodes or app.

3) 2FA For Better Safety, Built-In, Less Spam​

Ever sent a package or email to the wrong person? To solve this, Zucoins uses a two-way transaction system. The sender and receiver both confirm a transaction. We’ve completed audits and investigations from Australia’s  Austrac (anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering regulator) and ASIC (securities regulator). Why? Well in part, it’s because every transaction is peer-to-peer. You decide who to accept transactions from. Less spam and less annoyances.

4) Heavy Lifting In Your Hands

The Zucoins wallet app does all of the heavy lifting in the palm of your hands—in your device that is. The Splitchain network is mainly used to cache results that your device does first. This flips the way blockchain systems work, where you send your info to a pool of validators, who process your transaction for you.

The network caches only your recent transactions in case the person you’re transacting with switches off their phone—the next person can still find that info.

5) Runs On The Web​

The Zucoins wallet app’s designed as a cutting-edge and simple progressive web app (PWA). That means it’ll run almost anywhere the web does. No app stores that could suddenly remove your app or charge high fees. That means we can keep things lean.

6) Developer Friendly​

Both the Zucoins wallet app and the Splitchain network have been designed to be developer friendly. That means there’s no new languages to learn. It’s built on standard and common web technologies. Many platforms require you to learn new languages. Why make things harder than they need to be?

7) Keeping It Simple​

We’ve spent a lot of time making the entire process, from installing the app, sharing your wallet address, managing on-device contacts, to doing a transaction, all the way down to the nitty-gritty technical stuff as simple as we can think of. The aim is to save time and keep those grey hairs at bay.

8) Expandable System

It’s a bit too early to talk about it now, but the Zucoins app and the Splitchain network are designed to be extremely flexible. The goal is to supercharge the protocol for developers and users alike, making it adaptable to all kinds of situations.

9) No Transaction Fees

As the heavily lifting happens on your device, the Splitchain network doesn’t have to do much in comparison. This means the usage cost is pretty low—so low in fact, there’s no default fees built into the network or in the Zucoins app for doing a transaction. $0 transfers, that’s more like it.

10) Biiiiiig Numbers

Microtransactions are easy with Zucoins. Unlike other cryptos that struggle with anything more than 8 decimals, Zucoins goes all the way up to 32 (and over 100 has been tested internally). This makes it great for long-term use in tiny, tiny transactions, even if the coin price swings wildly.

11) Fast 90s Settlement Time

While traditional blockchains sometimes take 40mins+ to settle your transaction behind the scenes, Zucoin transactions happen real-time and settle after 90 seconds. And unlike card payments that can take days to clear, this is really, really quick. Zucoins transfers can happen anywhere in the world too, no borders.

12) No Mining, Way Less Pollution

It’s pretty clear that mining is a race to the cheapest energy, which will be those who are closest to fossil fuel sources for quite some time to come. Staking is a pathway to centralized control, which defeats the whole point of Web3. Instead, Zucoin users validate transactions using a unique truth-searching mechanism, not a mining or validator pool network. It’s far more energy efficient and effective at helping users find proof of transactions on the Splitchain network.

13) Self-Managed Data

Privacy is rare. The Zucoins wallet app doesn’t sync your entire app usage data with a central company. In fact, almost everything, including your full list of recent transactions, contacts and of course, your wallet encryption keys are stored locally on your device. The only thing you emit to the Splitchain network is a cache of your last transaction’s proof. The Splitchain network cache only keeps the last two transactions so it can give them to other users and determine if what you say you have is real.

How To Try Zucoins?

While we finish some important milestones, Zucoins is in limited beta release. The network has been live and operating since Feb 2022, but we’re continuing to focus on decentralization and cross-off pieces. To make this process quicker and smoother, we are prioritizing access to those who purchase Zucoins.

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We’ve worked alongside the Zucoins and Splitchain project for several years and, as passionate Zucoin holders, we know how crucial reliable information and support can be.

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We’re committed to highlighting Zucoins and its underpinning Splitchain network through MyZucoins, as we believe decentralization can lead to a fairer and more transparent exchange of value. We also weren’t satisfied with existing blockchain solutions, hence our involvement with Splitchain.

MyZucoins will keep Zucoins holders up-to-date with market trends and provide insights into the technology behind the Zucoins and Splitchain network. Eventually we’ll offer tools for developers and businesses to use too.

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What are

Zucoins are a decentralized cryptocurrency that operates on the SplitChain network.

Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, Zucoins offer fast, zero-cost transactions without the need for mining.

This makes them an ideal choice for anyone looking for a more efficient and affordable way to be involved in the future of digital assets.


MyZucoins is a website for Zucoins holders and anyone interested in Zucoins, Splitchain, and the future of Decentralized Truth.

Through my involvement with the development team and providing assistance to thousands of holders and interested parties, I have gained valuable insight and experience.

This experience will be the foundation of the MyZucoins website, which aims to be a reliable source of information and support to help holders navigate the complex world of cryptocurrencies.


By becoming part of our community, users will have the chance to contribute to the growth and development of this offshoot.

MyZucoins will be more than just a website. It will be a platform for like-minded individuals to collaborate and work towards a shared vision of a more decentralized future.


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